The godfather of comedy Churchill has responded to claims that he doesn’t pay upcoming comedians.

Taking to his Twitter account, Churchill – real name Dan Ndambuki – pointed out that it is about time people embraced positivity.

Addressing his critics, Churchill said,

“it is good to have critics. They help you grow and progress in life. [However,] there is no pillar that will ever be built by a critic.”


“A critic is a fan who wants you to do better.”

The funnyman continued,

“And for those keyboard warriors who love writing many thing online. You will never see a successful person trying to bring someone down because they know the journey they have taken.
So, if you write those things make you ask how can we help this guys. That is how we can grow as a society.”

Churchill concluded, “For me it is all about positivity.”

Here are some more screenshots of his responses to fans about unpaid comedians who performed on Churchill Show.