The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others. In as much as our Kenuan celebrities show off a lot on social media and portray themselves rich, with some leaving in posh and expensive homes, only a few are able to give continuously after seeing some success.

Here are some of the charitable celebrities

1.Daddy Owen (Malaika Foundation)

54Daddy Owen is the founder of Malaika awards which seeks to honour artistes with disabilities. He also launched the Macho Macho campaigned aimed at providing medical attention to needy people with eye problems in Kakamega. The second chance campaign launched by Daddy Owen in 2012 gives moral and financial support to cancer victims in all parts of the country

2. Jaguar


Being one of the richest celebrities in Kenya, Jaguar has supported many by paying school fees for the needy children, helped street boys, visiting hospitals and childrens’ homes.

3. David Muthengi (Holy Dave Foundation)


Holy Dave founded The David Muthengi Foundation with the aim of giving back to the society. He chose to focus on education sighting that education plays a direct role in reducing poverty and enhancing economic development

4. Bahati


The humble award winning gospel artiste hs won hearts of many through his charitable works. , Bahati celebated his birthday at Disabled Children Monitor (DCM)  in Komarock with disabled children. He has adopted a son; Morgan.

Here is the photo