There are only two types of men in this world.

The classic men and the not-so-classic ones. The classic ones are always smartly dressed, sharp-minded and have a taste when it comes to other things apart from fashion but the other type is always wannabes.

They will do anything just to be noticed. Whether rocking cheap outfits from Eastleigh or using cheap colognes from River Road, some Nairobi men really let us down.

USIJISUMBUE! Dear Kenyan Women, Here Are The Types Of Men You Should Never Date

I had a chat with my team members and here are some of the things they really hate about Nairobi men and hope they would stop doing…

  1. Rewinding Clothes

This is so common, especially among Nairobi men. Most of them buy a pair or two pairs of pants and will wear them to work, church and even clubs week in week out.

But why rewind clothes yet you can buy many mtumba clothes at Gikomba na ung’arie madem?

Some of you maybe moving around spreading lice yet you don’t know. Style up!

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2. Borrowing cash from their women

The wannabe rich kids. They are stingy, mean and will always borrow money from women so as to fit into the fake-lifestyle they have fashioned for themselves.

Some of them have been reduced to Ben 10’s (sugar boys) who ‘service’ old cougars and in return ask for money. Some of these Nairobi men are so lazy, don’t work hard and borrow money from their wives/girlfriends so as to sustain their lavish lifestyles.


3. Flossing with things that belong to their friends such as cars, houses

Nairobi men will do anything to be noticed. They will borrow cars from their friends so as to use them to “hunt” for greedy city girls.

Some even go to the extent of borrowing their friends’ cribs so as to house their girlfriends but in the real sense, he stays in a bedsitter in Lang’ata or Umoja estate.

Stick to your lane boss! Even if you stay in Kibera slums and she likes you, nothing is going to change that.

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4. Sleeping with the girlfriend’s pals or sisters

Saitan! Nairobi men are just thirsty in short they are Team Mafisi. They will cheat on their women with their best friends and even sisters. They will sleep with anyone in your circles and they are so unapologetic. Dear women, never entertain such kind of men. Dump them like hot porridge!

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5. Using cheap colognes

Please, if you can’t afford designer colognes and perfumes do not use cheap colognes. Nothing puts off women like a man who is has doused himself in that cheap stuff. Use aramis (milking gel) and you will atleast smell ‘okay-ish’ and ladies will flow towards you like flies rather than using some cheap perfume which smells like a corpse.

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6. Smashing their women on their friend’s beds

Kama huna kwako lipa lodging! Some Nairobi men are so wicked in that they will bed their girlfriends or chips fungas on their best friends beds. But why do women accept such? Some men need to style up.

what the fuck lol