Over the weekend, John DeMathew lost his life in a road accident to the shock of many. Here are other prominent mugithi artistes who have died in past years.

  1. John  DeMathew

The celebrated mugithi artiste passed away on Sunday after his car was involved in a road accident near Blue Post hotel.

John De Mathew
John De Mathew

2. Salim Junior

Paul Mwangi, popularly known as Salim Junior, died on January 23, at the Nakuru War Memorial Hospital

Famed for songs like ‘Sarafina’ and ‘Muti Uyu Mukwona’ remix among others, Salim produced many gospel and secular songs.

The late Salim Junior

He was renowned for mixing popular Kikuyu gospel and secular songs and also for introducing the famous ‘one-man guitar’ style of music.

He had been ailing for sometime before his death.

3. Queen Jane

Popular musician Queen Jane died while undergoing treatment at the St Mary’s Hospital, Nairobi in 2010.

Queen Jane hit stardom following the release of the hit song Mwendwa KK in the 1990s.

She died aged 44.

The late Queen Jane

4. John Ndichu

John Ndichu was a legendary Gikuyu artist from Gatanga, Muranga County. He died close to 30 years ago but his music is still relevant today.

5. Sammy Muraya

He is another legendary Kikuyu secular musician whose prowess in playing the guitar was and still second to none.

The late Sammy Muraya

Muraya died more than 17 years ago but his music continues to represent him perfectly.

His son, Sammy Muraya Junior, is also doing well musically ensuring that his father’s legacy continues to live on.