The last time we’d heard from Pendo, she was fresh from a police cell after being arrested for failing to pay the bill she and her love-struck fiancé where shacked up at.

Mapenzi sumu! Pendo’s mzungu fiance dumps her after proposing, claims she was after his money, she responds

Her aged mzungu lover who goes by the names Joseph Kner later bailed out on her when his marriage to another woman came to light and he preferred the prospects of fixing that relationship rather than settling down with Pendo.

She seems to have turned that humiliation into positive energy and she cahnnelled all that into a song that features Petra. The track has a decidedly Nigerian lean to it complete with adlibs like “Yeba” which is pidgin.

All in all, I am happy to see Pendo showcase her amazing vocals rather than her naked body or some nonsense controversy. Check out the jam below and let us know what you think about it.