Kenyan socialite Pesh Lema has been keeping a low profile ever since she came back from Dubai. Just like any other socialite, the controversial lady has really hustled her way up the ladder, and even though she is not yet among the top 5 Kenyan socialites, Pesh is still struggling to gain fame.

Kenyan Socialite Pesh Lema Exports Her Fat Buttocks To Dubai (PHOTOS)

Her social media accounts tells it all, she still has alot to do so as to reach the likes of Vera Sidika’s standards but a little slumber, will leave her exposed like the wannabe socialites who never made it.

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Pesh has finally bid public means goodbye although we are not yet sure if the car is owned by her or it belongs to someone else (Keep it at Mpasho for more update on this). The bootylicious socialite shared pictures flaunting the new ride accompanied by the biblical words below