With the emergence of false prophets in Kenya changing the grace of God into a licence for immorality, Prophet Owuor seems to be the only true prophet as he dooesn ask for offering and accept donations from his congregation unlike other evangelists who ask their congregations to make offerings or buy church merchandise.
The mighty prophet of the Lord is also known for his healing power having healed hundreds during his evangelical ministries. He has a large following both locally and international.He spends most of his time giving thanks and participating in forums. The servant of God is currently in Nakuru holding a crusade dubbed #NakuruRevival.
Here is the list of things you didn’t know about prophet Owuor

1. Always Dresses In White

2. Doesn’t accept donations from the congregation

3. Uses the internet as the main platform

4. He only sells anointed handkerchiefs or medallions, no books

5. Prophesies based on scientific preditions