The “Sitoi Kitu Kidogo” rapper has been on a media tour the past few weeks to promote his new song “On My Way” which was released two months ago. In his interviews, he has confessed that being a drug addict and an alcoholic almost ruined his life. He struggled with the issue for long at it really affected his music career.

At one time, he was a fast-rising Kenyan act but his wild fame went down the cliff when he got into drugs.

On his IG, he has been sharing his message to young people abusing drugs as well as talking about his campaign to raise awareness about dangers of the practice.

Here’s a quote from on of his posts:

“I have had a long battle with #alcoholism and the hard part, recovery through #rehab. It took alot of effort, alot of encouragement to accomplish this. Through my experience, I figured that a person cannot positively fight alcoholism and #drugabuse solely by themselves, alcoholism is more of a #sickness and the #affected find getting #high the only option.

Is a #platform aiming to help guys who feel they have #alcohol or #drugabuse related issues. Alcoholism is downplayed but has and is still messing up alot of our people especially the #youth in higher learning #institutions and the #jobless , since addiction halts a persons current/future growth. The #aim of this #initiative is have that social set up that will help us fight off drug abuse, help alcoholists heal through talks, seminars and #awareness #campaigns all over the country. Together with my team, we believe we can help heal this nation from alcoholism and the greater drug dependancy.
Be sure to follow the conversation through our hashtags #KaaRadaTiaZiiKublunder #AmuaChangePunguzaGauge #Shukran #TeamJimwatFoundation kaa sijaku #Tag ji’tag haha & @amina_kenya @itssoulo @adelleonyango @antoneosoul Much help na #MediaCampaign wote mnaisaidia #GodBless”

Watch his music below: