After Tanzania’s first goal came out of nowhere, Harambe stars’ fans panicked.

One fan tweeted, “Lakini hiyo bao ya pili ya TZ hatutasahau…ilifungwa haraka kama mlango ya lodging.”

However, Harambee Stars came from behind twice before taking the lead for good late in the second half with a double strike from Michael Olunga.

Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho felt the pressure of it all.

He posted his anxious moments on social media.

“Finally, the pressure is over,” Sultan said in his snaps.

Adding, “It was tough.”

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Governor JohoJoho likened the entire match to being, even more, nerve-wracking than waiting for election announcements.

“The way i thought elections have pressure… today? uuuufff,” He sighed shaking his head and patting his chest with his right hand. 

Joho continued, “We got you!”

The match was very captivating.

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