The last any of us heard about her, she had just been railed at during the late Fidel Odinga’s funeral, with speaker after speaker trying to outdo themselves in attacking her. I wasn’t alone in my perception of the situation as Kenyans on Twitter took to her defense without so much as a prompting.

Fidel Odinga’s First Wife Finally Breaks Her Silence

But it would seem she pulled herself together, shook the dust off her shoulder and moved on with her life. And wouldn’t you know, she met a man with whom she seems to be happy with.
And this is not just a testament to time healing wounds, but to the resilience of Veronicah Wanjiru. So public was her bashing (it was transmitted on every local station in Kenya) that many would have expected her to go into hiding at some monastery.

Here Are Photos Of Fidel Odinga’s Funeral

She didn’t. That is strength.

Anyway, she is reportedly with a Ugandan beau now and as you can see from the photos below, she is the very picturesque image of happiness and contentment.: