Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa Mobetto has been on a media tour and now it turns out that she is spilling serious tea.

Hamisa was the reason Zari Hassan dumped Diamond Platnumz like stinking, rotten cabbage.

The Tanzanian socialite had an affair with Diamond while Zari was pregnant with his second child.

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HamisaNow, Hamisa has confessed that she dated another married man whom she has identified as Alex.

In a recent interview with Times FM, Hamisa unleashed her side of the story.

“We were working together, but then I fell in love and we started dating and whatever happened, happened,” Hamisa began her explanation. 


‘I would have loved a longer relationship,’ Hamisa on her ex

Hamisa Mobeto
Hamisa Mobetto

Adding, “People sometimes panic because a famous person is dating their ex-lovers, some are just jealous.”

Hamisa then dropped the bomb by stating that Alex painted a different picture of his relationship with his wife.

“The man told me his baby mama was pregnant for him, actually they were not together but again I decided to ditch the relationship. But I am good with the guy, we still talk”, she revealed.

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