Exposed! Intimate WhatsApp messages between Ali Kiba and his side chic

Exposed! Intimate WhatsApp messages between Ali Kiba and his side chic

Radio presenter Diva the Bawse has in a tell all post exposed her “low key” relationship with the married Ali Kiba.

“Me and Ally came along way since his return in the music world and yes both as friends and low-key lovers for a very long time. I have evidence to prove. Since I am seeing weird stories come out, maybe I should be open so that we end this drama. So this is more like relationship drama and someone is truly hurt. Just because a woman made a decision to move on, it is not right at all everyone has the right to move on and I’m sorry I hurt your feelings but it is what it is. I decided to distance my self for personal reasons and take a break and that is why I don’t delete messages and evidence because of such things. By the way, I ended things with him on 16/2/2020 and I told Ali and he has evidence as well.”

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In another post she revealed how Ali Kiba begged her to get back with him.

The angry media personality revealed this in another post saying,

I  told you so many times that you are a married man even blocked you. I did things peacefully but with your anger you are sending people to fight me. Remember you pleading to see me in the middle of the night saying you can not sleep without seeing me? Why did you cry last night then? Why did you say so many things jana ?! Why all the madness and angry n toxic?! You have the right to be hurt yea but not troll because you hurt. You want to seem very confident n yes you cry like a baby behind the scene why? be real. I can’ t believe this.” 

Diva revealed all this after Ali Kiba posted a fake chat saying she is the one begging him to get back with him.

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Here is the chat.

To prove that they are fake. Diva also unleashed her receipts saying, in as much as she broke it off with Ali Kiba, she did not delete her chats.

And if Ali Kiba keeps spoiling her name she will unleash even videos of his home in Tabata to prove he is a cheater, something that will be a big blow to his marriage.

Check out her leaked messages.

To counter this, Ali Kiba decided to focus on his family by wishing his wife a happy birthday.

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