Vera Sidika reveals why she would never relocate abroad

Kenyan socialite and entrepreneur Vera Sidika
Image: Instagram

Reality TV star, entrepreneur and aspiring musician Vera Sidika has revealed that she would never consider relocating her family abroad.

Vera is known for her occasional travels especially to states in America and to Dubai, she lives lavish and is not shy to show it off. However, she maintains she would not call any other place besides Kenya home.

The entrepreneur who has two kids, a14 month old son who goes by Prince Ice Brown and a 2 and a half year old daughter known as Asia Brown, whom she shares with upcoming bongo artist Brown Mauzo maintained that living in Africa was phenomenal and she wants her family to fully experience that.

She noted that soon as they were older, yes she will ensure her kids travel a lot so that they may experience the world and what it has to offer but she would not consider relocating them. Vera opined that most people tend to assume there is a utopian world outside Africa simply because they have never actually been to these places.

According to her, not all that glitters is really gold.

"You all do not know how good it is living in Africa. Travel often and see what is out there, you will appreciate being home," the Real Housewives of Nairobi star candidly said amid chuckles.

Finishing up the musician retaliated that she is okay with traversing the globe but East or West, home will always be the best.

"I would visit a million times but never relocate," the mother or 2 candidly said.

Speaking exclusively with Mpasho during the relaunch of Showmax in Kenya, Vera revealed she is eyeing a new career move.

Apparently, she feels like with a little coaching she could be an amazing actress, especially if given gangster roles or the character of someone mean and threatening.

"I feel like I would actually be a great actress, (especially) if I am given a bad girl role," Vera candidly said as she draw difference between reality TV which she maintains is not scripted and acting in a movie, where you have to follow written lines and cues.

The socialite went on to emphasize the type of roles she feels she would be super ideal for if given a chance.

"You know like a... I am a sugar babe, or like a drug dealer, a Madam, you know something... something bad," she passionately said.

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