Vera spent close to Sh1 million on son's glitzy birthday party

• The socialite has a well-known reputation for going all out for her 2 kids.

Vera Sidika holding Prince Ice Brown during his birthday
Image: Instagram

Prominent socialite Vera Sidika has disclosed the amount she invested in organizing an extravagant celebration for her son's first birthday back in March.

A few months ago, she and her ex-husband, Brown Mauzo, threw a grand party for their little one, which attracted several other celebrities.

During an interview with a local website, revealed that the entire event cost her nearly Sh 1 million to bring to life as she shared insights into motherhood.

"The birthday party amounted to approximately KSh 800,000, all inclusive. I'm extravagant like that. Embracing motherhood for the second time is thrilling. Although unexpected, we are grateful to God.

Initially, it was quite a roller coaster, especially with going through a divorce and all, but things eventually smoothed out and became enjoyable," she remarked.

The Real Housewives of Nairobi star went on to mention that she lets Mauzo spend time with their kids weekly to foster a strong father-child relationship.

Brown Mauzo holding Prince Ice during his birthday
Image: Instagram

On whether she would introduce her children to a new partner she was dating, she stated that she wouldn't casually introduce her kids to someone new without assurance in the relationship's stability.

In another interview with last week, the mom of two confirmed she's dating but not committed.

She clarified that she's not seeking a serious relationship with commitment, and her partner understands.

She expressed a desire for a non-committal, fun relationship, describing her status as "50/50, one leg in, one leg out."

She added that her Nigerian partner respected her preference for no commitment. She humorously remarked on the saying "once you go Nigerian, you never go back," likening her experience to being lost and now returning to sender.

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