Millicent Omanga: My new Range Rover is worth Sh60 million

• Millicent Omanga stirred a storm on social media after displaying her brand-new Range Rover.

Former nominated Senator Millicent Omanga

Former nominated Senator Millicent Omanga has revealed that her new Range Rover cost her a whopping Sh60 million. 

In an interview with Mpasho, the CAS touched on some of the features she loves about the new car plus its price on the market. 

“You have a new baby, what do you love about it? Mpasho’s Kalondu asked.

Omanga replied; I love that it can massage my back when I’m driving... my 2024 baby can massage my back and I love my back massage,”.

Kalondu: What is the biggest risk you ever took? 

Omanga: I think buying my new Sh60 million car.

Here is part of our quick-fire session with Millicent Omanga: 

Kalondu: Favorite thing to do out of work?

Omanga: Dance and udaku kidogo with my people 

Kalondu: Milly please could you give relationship advice as a young Kenyan woman? 

Omanga: Don’t be in a rush coz it's not that serious. Take easy. You have to be friends first and get to know each other. And when you do, always remember that it’s not a matter of life and death.

Kalondu: What project are you super proud of? 

Omanga: My boy child project 

Kalondu: What is your favorite type of music?

Omanga: Afrobeat 

Kalondu: Who is your favorite Kenyan musician?

Omanga: Jaguar

Kalondu: If you were the first Kenyan Female President, what’s a major thing you would do? 

Omanga: I would champion the empowerment of boy child. 

Former nominated Senator Millicent Omanga

Just the other day, Omanga stirred a storm on social media after displaying a brand-new Range Rover she said is her latest acquisition.

She posted photos of the new ride on X at an undisclosed location while thanking God for the accomplishment.

"My new baby. Date of Birth, 2024. Ni God," she wrote in the caption.

The post sparked a flurry of reactions from X users, ranging from admiration to criticism.

Some saw Omanga's display of the expensive vehicle as a testament to her hard work and success, something that earned her praises from most users who even congratulated her.

Omanga was among those appointed as Chief Administrative Secretaries before the court declared the position unconstitutional.

She had been assigned the Interior docket.

MPs have, however, mooted a new plan to have the CAS positions anchored in law under a bill recently passed by Parliament.

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