KOT Reacts to Millicent Omanga buying a Range Rover

• Omanga took to her X account to flaunt the car.

• Kenyans want to know what God she prays so that they can follow in her footsteps.

Millicent Omanga buys a new car.

Millicent Omanga is under fire on KOT.

This was after she took to her X account to share a video of her latest car , A range Rover.

"My new baby. Date if Birth, 2024. Ni God!" She captioned

Below are some of the comments from Netizens.

@gabrieloguda: Which God is that we also want to pray to him.

@jothefu_1: What do you exactly do for a living, apart from your salary?

@Elvis_Localman: Toa mungu hapa muheshimiwa. Let’s be honest.

@towett_1: Driving a lux ride and taking jobs meant for the unemployed youths? Give space to the youths in that CAs office madam!

@WairimuEricN1: I'm conflicted, should we be celebrating such or asking endless questions on the source of funds?

@adan_zamuh: Weeh huyo God unaomba ndio bado Naomba.

@4low_Ke: Mhesh mungu amesema uwache kumwekelea hajui hii maneno.

@Neddykenyattany: Uko sure ni God?

@kachwanya:I hope God comes out strongly and punishes people who use his name ovyo ovyo.

@Toomey_Turmett: Unaita corruption God?

@MwomaBrian: congratulations mamaaaaaa and happy mother's day keep winning.

@MotanyaBitari: Aaii! th other day u were crying about Kanjo. Today u have a car that has number plates that look like those of Kanjo or parastatal. Congrats anyway. Waa! this car reminds us of Pres. Moi.

sylverjemimah:Ebenezer mgani mnakula pesa za Wakenya ambao wanateseka na mnataja ma Ebenezer zenu huku ,,,,shindweee,,,,

Millicent Omanga 'buys a new car

In what seems to be a jab at her critics, Omanga captioned.

"Until it's my turn, I will keep clapping for others happily. Blessed week ahead good people."


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