As a media house owner-KRG opines on artists being paid for interviews

KRG the Don
Image: Instagram

Kenyan dancehall artist and digital content creator KRG the Don in a recent interview with Mpasho opined on the whole drama of artists demanding to be paid for interviews.

KRG who goes by Bughaa as well, noted as someone who has his foot on both words he genuinely thinks there is always a work around these things which can still see people remain as friends and help each other out in the end.

"I don't want to take sides because one I am an artist and this is a marriage, I need the media in as much as they need me. And also, I am a media house owner... I have shares in several media houses hapa kule, chini ya maji tu.

So all I can say is if as an artist right now I'm trending and I charge you, next time I might not be the hottest news but I have a song or something and I want you to push it for me when I come talk to you, you see now that we are not friends things will be tricky. It's better and easier, if we become friends. That is the relationship between artists and media, we pick each other up.

But if you really in a tight spot you can just say, 'hey I really want to come through but I'm broke right now. Si you send me transport to and fro nikuje tupige kipindi,' and that is how relationships are forged," opined the dancehall artist.

Touching on his recently resolved beef with gospel artist Stevo Simpleboy, KRG noted he had decided to extend an olive branch and make nice with Stevo after coming to understand the predicament that the artist was in. As well as realizing it was never him updating things on social media all along.

"You see, somebody who knows Simpleboy knows he is harmless but I think so many people have been using him remotely to try and trigger or try and gain mileage on social media but it is not him because we all know he had no access to his social media.

So if you are beefing with Simpleboy because he insulted you or said something on Twitter then that is not him. I mean there is no video evidence.

There is no video of him saying, 'KRG kuja nitakupiga,' so that means it is someone else writing on his behalf,"the father of 2 said.

KRG went on to highlight that seeing Stevo faint live on air made him really feel pity for the struggling artist, once he realized it was not a clout chasing attempt that is, and realize that the 'Freshi Barida' hitmaker was really going through it all.

"I reasoned and I was like sasa kubeef na mtu kama huyu haimake sense, especially since mimi ni Bughaa na mnanijua mimi ni nani on these social media streets. It even felt like I was beefing with my child," added the entrepreneur.

Finishing up on the topic, KRG encouraged the upcoming artist to learn to limit social media talk and focus on saving whatever money he makes and to package himself better with videos and merchandise which can ensure he still earns money even when he hasn't released music or gotten bookings.

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