Watch: All about KRG's new reality TV show

• The musician also spoke on whether his media-shy wife would be in it.

Image: Instagram

KRG the Don has a new reality show for his fans to enjoy. The Mambo Imechemka singer told Mpasho in an exclusive interview that he was featured in a yet-to-be-named show.

He promised his fans that it was something they should look forward to.

"I don't think iko ready. Iko na jina yenye tunashoot nayo, but kuna bado a few episodes hatujamaliza so hawajadecide jina ni gani."

The reality show will be on Showmax and could possibly be about his glitzy lifestyle.

"Ni noma lifestyle, just our normal life. there are different stars, kuna wasanii wengine. But si wasanii wa kuimba," he divulged.

Without naming any particular stars, he said there would be no musicians. "Ni wa movies, social media, and it's about our life, our houses, our offices, businesses. Family and dating life."

His wife however won't be featured for a reason. "My wife no."

Giving his reason why she won't make an appearance, he insisted, "She is a shy girl, and she doesn't want to be famous. She will never be seen on cameras. She is a business lady."

Watch the video below:

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