Lucy Musa drops new catchy video for her song 'Kubaff'

•  Lucy Musa  was featured in a viral comedy skit by DJ Shiti. 

• The song infuses the catchy phrase ‘Kubaff’

Lucy Musa drops new catchy video for her song ‘Kubaff

Australian-based Kenyan star Lucy Musa has released a new music video, Kubaff after the massive success of her song "Uwiii" that dropped in January. 

The Uwii release trended for weeks thanks to its theme in which Lucy Musa hinted at a real-life scam story from her past relationship.

Coincidentally, the Kubaff song is a follow-up release where she uses the catchy phrase "Kubaff”. 

In the video, she is seen packing her clothes and leaving the man asleep in bed, that before hitting the road following their break-up.

The song infuses former President Mwai Kibaki’s popular ‘Kubaff’ diss phrase, one that is loosely translated as stupid.

It features two TV clips, the most memorable ones in Kibaki’s era, which have him publicly applying the “Kubaff” diss.

“I am going away and I won’t come back. You are (just) kubaff,” Lucy sings repetitively, a catchy refrain embedded in an afro-fusion tune.

“This particular song has been inspired by Kenyans and their culture. Kenyans are easy people who usually go with the flow. They easily pick trends like they did the “Kubaff” trend and make social fun out of it for social relief without necessarily focusing on the hardships that they face and have to deal with. In Kenya, people can fuse out any storm and make fun of every calamity,” Lucy says.

“This is why the songs end up on a positive tone like most social media trends in Kenya do. This is something anyone can relate to. It’s just never that serious,” she says.

In her music comeback move four months ago, the sensational singing beauty lit up the internet with her Forex Trader skit that went viral.

In the skit, popular comedian DJ Shiti is heard scamming the diaspora-based Lucy Musa to release finances for an investment project back home.

During an interview with Pulse, the star confirmed that the release was based on a real personal experience and true story.

She however refrained from naming the culprit only insinuating that it is someone in the public limelight.

Following her media tour in Africa, Lucy Musa left for Australia in February and is expected back in Nairobi soon where she is working on several music projects and is getting involved in upcoming concerts slatted for the season.

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