Naiboi inspired me to start my own record label- Music producer Vekta

• He started his record label, Alka Music, in October 2016.

• Apart from being a singer, Vekta is the communications manager for celebrated Kenyan artist Kelechi Africana

Kenyan singer and music producer Vekta

Executive producer, talent manager, and singer Maxwell Basweti is a common face in the entertainment industry.

But what is more captivating is the fact that he has stuck to singing in his vernacular language, Gusii (Kisii).

Born 30 years ago in Bosongo, Kisii County Basweti famously known as Vekta is a man living his dream.

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, Basweti says he has always had a passion for music.

"I used to sing in church when I was young, I realized I could rap when I was in form two.

I tried out my first song in 2011 after completing high school, which I first recorded at Pacho, Naiboi's studio, back then when he was known as Rapdamu."


"Under him, I learned a lot about production, artist management, and entertainment business.

I was inspired to start my record label, Alka Music, in October 2016."

For a man who studied Mass Communication, how did he end up doing music?

" Music itself is a language. "

Why does he sing in Vernacular and not in any other language most especially sheng?

"I did my first hit in Jan 2017 "NTWARWARA tiga toragere" under the record label.

The song went viral not only countrywide but it also got to the diaspora.The love and appreciation were overwhelming, and that's when I decided to switch lanes from singing in purely Sheng to doing a mix of Kisii,swahili, and English."

Apart from being a singer, Vekta is the communications manager for celebrated Kenyan artist Kelechi Africana

"I'm currently working with Kelechi Africana as his events & communications manager."

Most African parents never take music seriously, but luckily for him his parents were supportive

"I'm lucky I have the most supportive parents, my mum paid for my first-ever music video. Most times I send them the ideas I create in the studio, my mum used to teach music, my Dad knows most folklore, and I used to listen to him sing at home every morning. He calls me every time he hears my songs on the radio."

What has been the biggest highlight of his career?

"My biggest moment was when Raila said 'Ntwarwara is his gusii favorite song.Working with Prince Indah on his sing-along hit song focus with my team Symo on the beat.Working with Eve Bahati and Tanzanian Enock Bella, former Yamoto band bass sensation has been a dream come true.

Working with Gusii top artiste Vickyoung Ensanako on our song Ndwanerere, a gospel that speaks volumes about my life was also big."

Music Producer Vekta and fellow artiste Kelechi Africana

As we all know being an artist in Kenya is not easy. What are some of his biggest challenges?

"As Khaligraph said in one of his songs,kukua msanii ni Kenya ni kujitolea...weuh it's not easy!

Over expectations from fans, friends, and family.

Exploring your target audience can also be challenging; You can release a song with high expectations but the response might not be what you expected."

He further added that some songs blow when the artist lists expects it.

"People create songs that hit the airwaves later in life such as the famous "mzabibu" & "go pato" but I'm not saying this should be your indicator for success."

Other challenges include

"Making sales and having sold-out shows.

Sometimes, keeping up with art is two-edged, an advanced level, and a practicing level. Trends in the industry can easily take you back to the practicing level."

Who are his best Kenyan artists and what is he currently listening to?

"Prince indah & Samido are my best artists.

I listen to Kelechi africana,Sauti sol,Nyashinski,V-Be, B classic,Madini Classic, Vickyoung,Danlee, and Kamtu flani mostly."

His advice to anyone looking forward to doing music?

"Don't let anyone tell you, you can not do it! GO FOR IT."


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