Phelix Owiny- The government should employ more people with Vitiligo

• Rare Disease Day started in 2008.

• The Royal patches foundation is a foundation that was formed by a group of friends with vitiligo in 2017.

Phelix Owiny
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Royal Patches will be joining the world in celebrating Rare Disease Day this month.

Rare Disease Day is marked every 29th,February

The day is set aside to raise awareness for rare diseases and improve access to treatment and medical representation for individuals with rare diseases and their families.

The Royal patches foundation was formed by a group of friends with vitiligo in 2017.

It was legally registered under the government and got certification in 2021.

With a passion and common interest in modeling, they decided to start a club that would feel like home to people with vitiligo.

Royal Patches Foundation is also home to people with other diverse special immune conditions.

In case you didn't know Vitiligo is among the 300+ million rare diseases in the world.

Rare Disease Day started in 2008.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Phelix Owiny who is a member of the Royal Patches and has vitiligo hopes businesses and the government can employ more people with Vitiligo

"The government has created space for awareness campaigns and current recognition for affirmative action geared towards persons living with Vitiligo.

This is just but a start we’re still looking forward to having some interaction with the government to get to understand the plight of persons living with vitiligo in Kenya."

Kenyan model Phelix Owiny
Image: Instagram

Phelix added that it's paramount for the government to get involved in awareness campaigns

"This will ensure their needs are archived.

It will also ensure people with Vitiligo get representation in the government.

We still have low representation of people living with vitiligo in the employment sector.

The government needs to help in the facilitation of the awareness campaigns."

With Valentines Day being days away, what message does he have for his mum?

" I’m glad I found a person who gives herself to a kid who needs her help,Happy valentines I love you so much."

Do you know anyone battling Vitiligo and needs help? Reach out to the Royal Patches via their social platforms.

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