Kenyans respond after Andrew Bolt said "King Charles don't need to apologize"


β€’ The news reporter, Andrew Bolt said that the King shouldn't apologize because the British gave Kenyans the English language and democracy.

Andrew Bolt, Sky news reporter
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Kenyans are not happy at all after a Sky News presenter made some comments in a broadcast session about King Charles flying to Kenya to apologize on behalf of the British government for mistreating Kenyans during the colonial era.

The news reporter, Andrew Bolt said that the King shouldn't apologize because the British gave Kenyans the English language and democracy.

There are bad things we did, but also good things we did. We gave you democracy, even if Kenyans don't live up to it as they should; we gave you the English language and the rule of law. If the British hadn't been here (Kenya), it couldn't be as good as it is,"


His words touched somewhere they were not supposed to, and Kenyans have commented about this. Here are some of the comments.

Mike_mondo:  Did Kenya apply for democracy? Did we decide we wanted or needed it? The fact is that Britain invaded Kenya and imposed ideologies on the populace. So yes... Maybe it was right for the King to do that! πŸ‘

ril_gach: I actually do agree with them to some extent but an apology is the least they can do πŸ’πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ nothing can justify the manner in which they tortured and killed our freedom fighters beheading them πŸ’πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈwtf an apology isn't enoughπŸ™‚

Chrystal W@ChrystalKristie: I'm sorry,what?! They didn't need to give Kenya democracy and rule of law if they hadn't invaded it in the first place. Kenyans and Africans were living alright before the came here

David XMutai@David1Mutai: Beth, don't pay attention to the noise from @SkyNews. The King has earned our love, respect, and admiration. He's guided by a heart of compassion and the wisdom of top advisors. Sky should focus on advocating for peace and a ceasefire in Gaza, where children are killed every day.

Great ZD@kiplangatzadoc2: This guy has to be informed we had good languages, languages that is better than this English that is evolving like an ancient man. Our languages could have completely transformed our country better. At me remind you.No civilization has ever advanced using other pples language.

Myron Thee OG@myron_mhindi: English is not a gift it is a curse We are cursed never to speak our languages or understand anything in our own way We are not 'learned" because we use a foreign language to 'learn' If any England ripped us of our culture and everything that we stood for. We disposed of our gods.


Willis Wameyo@wiliscowameyo7: Good thing , they brought English as a language to link up interantionally but still U can not still ignore the colonial injustices on the Kenyans even on the older generation who felt wronged by the imperialists.

French French@ThomasOdol: Certain actions are taken with the intent of maintaining positive public relations, and thus, we witness the King's apology. There are occasions where it's wiser to refrain from uttering certain words to prevent appearing condescending toward any particular group of people.

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