Style, elegance and beauty galore: How Africa's Next Super Model went down


• It is not a modeling class like any other, it is a redemption that is used to help young girls and boys from all over the world into dreaming and becoming bigger runaways.

Image: Leah mukangai

One of Kenya's biggest nights in fashion took place this past weekend as Radisson Blu in Upperhill, Nairobi hosted Africa's Next Super Model.

The event started off with some good music guided by an MC who made people get up from their chairs and show off their hidden dancing skills.

The DJ wasn't any less, he decided it was a worldwide event that involved everyone, he played all sorts of music in all languages available starting from home.

He started with Nigerian pops, Luhya songs, Luo, Kamba, the ado` a` nyuba the Kikuyus, and also Amapiano the South African anthem.

It was a blast to see different kinds of people from other countries dancing to the different songs no matter the language.

After the music session the host of the day, Nailantei Kenga walked through the runway looking gorgeous and magnificent black gown.

Image: Leah Mukangai

She then welcomed the CEO of Isis Models International, Joan Okorodudu who is an amazing woman who has changed lives, especially for the girls in the Kakuma Refugee camp teaching them how to model.

Image: Leah mukangai

Joan spoke about the program and showed a few of the girls who have made it through her. She concluded with her speech and finally what we had been waiting for began. the fashion runaway started.

The girls wore clothes that were made by upcoming designers.

There were 17 participants, 9 from South Sudan, 1 from Kenya, 1 from Uganda, 1 from Nigeria, 1 from Ethiopia, 2 from Rwanda, and 2 from Burundi.

These girls represented Africa not only with their modeling but also their beauty. They wore the designs the best that they could have been worn.

What amazed me was how they walked on that runway like it was their last time and how confident they were. When they tripped, they rose up and continued to run the show as they should.

That aside, I would like to tell you about the designers, let me tell you they did a fantastic job, y'all should have seen the clothes.

I loved the way they played with the fabrics, colors, and jewelry. Their designs clearly showed cultural diversity.

After the fashion runaway, it was an announcement session for the top twelve winners. Among the top 12 only 5 of the girls were chosen to continue to the finals.

Choi Khan,19, the official winner among the top five girls that won received five thousand dollars as the grand prize. She stood out among all the 17 contestants with her charm of modeling and posing.

As she was celebrating her win, nobody forgot about the queen's birthday, and it was the right time to celebrate her and give her flowers.

Some leaders were present, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua the CEO of MCSK (Music Copyright Society of Kenya), The CEO of Kenya Film Commission, and Hon. Beatrice Elachi, Dagoretti's MCA, showed her the flowers she deserved for she is doing a great job.

Even though they gave her the flowers that she deserved they didn't fail to urge her to have more models coming from Kenya so that they may feel at ease while they contribute to the project.

After the speeches were over, the event ended with some bites a glass of water, and juice as we continued to celebrate Khan.

Here are more of their designs that were worn on the runway;

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