Tuku Kantu shares details of his new role as 'Taji' in Ka-Siri

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• Tuku Kantu praised himself for being born in a family of teachers.

• He is a Member of Vijana Barubaru,

Philip Munyau aka Tuku Kantu
Image: Instagram Tuku Kantu

In an exclusive interview with Philip Munyau aka Tuku Kantu, the actor and musician shared his experience with acting and confessed that he was a teacher.

Kantu is well known for his melodious voices in Vijana Barubaru, but not many knew he could act. He is definitely a Jack of all trades.

What was the reception  he got from the cast and crew of TV series 'Ka-Siri'  when he decided to join acting yet he wasn't a professional actor.

The musician cheerfully responded

Fortunately for me, I was kinda popular on the music side so that gave me a soft landing then on top of that the willingness of the crew and cast to assist me in acting na hadi sai kuna vitu nalearn I think that has played a very important role. Plus directions i got.

What's the biggest lesson acting has taught him?

"Nimelearn a lot about acting like as an industry it feels nice kuitwa a professional actor I am already a professional musician sai I'm a professional musician and actor I think that is very beautiful. I'm working towards being that one Kenyan who has done it very well."

Surprisingly he didn't get the role Taji automatically, he had to audition for the role severally

"I just met the opportunity ama the chance came cause I was in an interview then I was asked if I could act and I just found myself called nikakuja audition na hivyo ndio nilijipata kwa cast. I think God did it."

Talking about his role as Taji in Ka-Siri, Kantu shared

"Taji ni kijana flani very cool, handsome alisomea majuu, yeye hupiga luku mbaya , budake  ni sonko lakini amedie, ni kijana mtanashati sana. Lakini seriously he's a very sober-minded character he's always trying to make everything work out, bring everything together, create an environment of peace and take care of his father's legacy so he's that kind of a guy."

While further answering questions about his role, he clarified people's doubts about him being a bad son who is always in conflict with his mom.

"I love my mom but she has a lot of things she is doing wrong. Me and her don't see eye to eye she is not someone I look up to she's someone I am responsible for and answerable to in the sense of mom and son only. But I love my mom it's just that she is very difficult."

He finished by saying that if he wasn't an actor or musician he'd prefer to be a brand ambassador.

"I'd play my role as a creative, opportunities zikikam tunasonga nazo naeza taka kuwa brand ambassador. Ebu munitafutie connections huko nje."

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