6 of the best fast-rising artists in Kenya at the moment

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• Is it time for the oldies to step back and let the young generation shine in music? 

Kinoti, Venna and Charisma
Image: Courtesy

Starting in the music industry can be tough but it isn’t impossible to rise to great heights if one puts in the time and effort.

Every generation gets to change a thing or two in the music industry. Some prosper while others flop but all in all, we always get fresh talent every year.

Below are some of the fresh faces in town that are rocking the music industry with their amazing vocals.

1) Kinoti

Image: Instagram

Kinyua Kinoti is song writer, musician and producer. He has proven to have a spot in the Kenyan music space.

Kinotis songs onsists of a catalogue that merges R&b and Afrosoul. He ensures that he reflects that in all his songs.

Kinoti is famous for his hit songs ‘Nitangoja,’ ‘Ni We’ and ‘Enough’.

2) Lil Maina

kishash hit maker Lil Maina
Image: Twitter

Jeremy Maina famopusly known as LilMaina is a talented rapper, comedian, artist, comedian, vlogger, and creative digital content creator.

He rose to stardom thanks to his unique combination of humor and music. He has proven himself as an artist to watch, dominating the Kenyan charts with his charming personality and witty bars.

His hit single`Kishash’ became the most streamed songs on Spotify in Kenya back I n 2022. His hit song ushered in a new era for the country’s fresh wave of young upcoming talents.

3) Charisma

Image: Instagram

Fidel Eli Shammah Omusula known professionally as Charisma aka Luhya Heat is a Kenyan singer, song writer, actor and dancer.

He first gained recognition by being the lead singer of Le Band. His success come from hits such as Number 1, Nakupenda and his own single Move and Leo.

 4) Muthaka

Image: Instagram

Muthaka is a Contemporary Indie Soul Singer/Songwriter/Performer and Recording artiste.

She is known for her unique mixture of multiple acoustic sounds and melodies with a touch of R&B. She is known for her hit song ‘Secret Lover’

5) Vijana Barubaru

Vijana Barubaru
Image: Instagram

Vijana Barubaru consists of Mshairi Spikes and Tuku Kantu. The duo brings out an interesting combination of poetry and vocals.

The boy band group is known for their hit song ‘Sasa Hivi’ which talks about love.

6) Venna

Image: Instagram

Venna, a 21-year-old Kenyan singer and songwriter making her mark as a captivating artist who effortlessly combines Afrobeat, Afropop, ballad, and R&B influences to create a unique and unforgettable sound.

She is known for her hit song ‘Sun and Moon’.

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