'I don't open DM's' Confesses Ntazola Gloria aka the Kanjo lady

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

•Gloria is a businesswoman, content creator and the lady who took a kanjo for a road trip after he refused to get out of her car.

Gloria Ntazola
Image: Instagram

In an exclusive interview with Kalondu Musyimi,  Ntazola Gloria famously known as Kanjo lady had an interesting quickfire section.

Ntazola clarified that she was not an Uber driver as everyone in social media had portrayed her instead she was a businesswoman who earns a living by selling cosmetics and shoes.

This is how the quickfire went down.

Kalondu: What do you do for a living?

Ntazola: I own two shops one cosmetic and the other one is a shoe shop.

Kalondu: Do you consider yourself dramatic?

Ntazola: No, I'm not dramatic

Kalondu: How do you react when people call you the Kanjo lady?

Ntazola: I just gets excited cause weuuh that was a lot of drama.

Kalondu: How do you react to people who call you dramatic?

Ntazola: I don't react cause I'm a very calm person, I am actually an introvert.

Kalondu: Do you often take strangers on a road trip?

Ntazola: No, I don't actually, I hardly ever take my siblings anywhere, that was just a bad day for me.

Kalondu: What have you gained since the Kanjo video?

Ntazola: Some people have tried to reach out to me through my DM's, others want me to work with them just a lot of stuff.

Kalondu: What have you lost since you became the Kanjo lady?

Ntazola: I have lost nothing I'm not a corporate person.

Kalondu: What are things you'll not be caught doing in public?

Ntazola: I can't eat kama natembea, huezi nipate nimesimama nakula mayai kwa barabara I find that so classless.

Kalondu: What does your DM look like right now?

Ntazola: I don't open DMs, if you are sending me dm's I don't open them you have to have my number to contact me.

Kalondu: Ukona mtu?

Ntazola: I think I'm seeing someone but we aren't married we are just dating and discovering eating joints and having good intimate times.

Kalondu: What was his reaction after the video?

Ntazola: He got mad at me and he was like I know you for a different person who is this girl in this video?

He made me angry but then he tried to make it up to me by sending me some money.

Kalondu: How much did he send you?

Ntazola: He sent me 100,000 shillings.

Kalondu: Does he normally send you 100K?

Yes, my baby sends me money, he normally sends me upkeep money every month my TikTok followers know that.

Kalondu: Would you date a broke man?

Ntazola: No, I wouldn't date a broke guy, every girl looks for security from a man, we need to be around a man who can provide. We don't need much just send your baby credit, make your baby's hair just do the little things.

Kalondu: What have you learned about Kenyan men?

Ntazola: There are nice Kenyan men my boyfriend is Kenyan.

Kalondu: Would you date a politician?

Ntazola: Yes, I can date a politician, if I like you I like you I don't care about your status and money.


Below is how the full quickfire went down.

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