I am sorry-Gloria Ntazola apologizes to 'Kanjo' askari in viral video

• The lady now says her parents were not happy with how she behaved.


Gloria Ntazola and a Kanjo Officer.

Gloria Ntazola,who went viral after being spotted in an argument with a Nairobi County, Kanjo askari.

In the video an obviously agitated Gloria was seen telling off the officer after he got into her car without her consent.

She was also heard telling him that she would go with him to wherever she was going as a way of teaching him a lesson.

In an interview with Massawe Japanni, he shared

'To be truthful I ask for forgiveness for the language I used towards the Kanjo officer.

That us not my normal behavior. When I left the house I was angry given my landlord had recently increased our rent.

Business is down and everyone who is in business can tell you business has not been OK in the recent past. We are struggling to make money."

She went on to explain

"I drove up to Kitengela at 60KPH using the Expressway because I did not want to get into an accident nor be caught in traffic. 

I dropped him in Kitengela and asked him to go back using his own means." She told Massawe


Gloria added her mum is a pastor and was least pleased by her behavior.

"My mum is a pastor and she was not happy about how I handled the guy,she called me wanting to know why I did what I did.

I explained to her that in Nairobi you have to toughen up."

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