All about Sheila Ndanu's new role in TV series speaks on Ka-Siri


• She is popularly known as Madam Vicky from Maria (a Kenyan TV series) and not just that she is a beauty therapist as a profession.

Sheila Ndanu
Image: Sheila Ndanu Instagram

Sheila Ndanu is one of the cast members who have been featured in the TV series Ka-Siri which is being aired at Maisha Magic Plus.

Speaking with Mpasho she revealed she is playing the role of a housemaid in the series.

In the show she plays as 'Dora.'

She also expressed how she feels about this series.

"Ka-Siri is a very interesting storyline, full of twists and turns and I love my character very much for it is a new role to me and it is stretching me." She responded.

Ka-Siris' lead actor is a rookie in the acting industry.

Asked how she feels working with a rookie actor, Ndanu said she is enjoying the experience .

'I have been very favored, I have managed to perform with both of them, I wouldn't say that I prefer any of them because they are both good with their work.' She continued.

What does she do to prepare for her role, as a housemaid given she is needed to bend a lot?

" I am already used to it and in my morning routines I do stretches in the morning."

She concluded our short interview by stating that we should expect more of her in the future either internationally or locally.

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