Meet Rutabingwa the Assistant director behind new TV Series Ka-Siri


• He has worked on some of the famous local films like Sultana, Maria, Zora, Borderline, and now Ka-siri.

Antghoney Rutabigwa
Image: Instagram Ruitabingwa

Anthoney Rutabongwa is an Assistant director who has been in the film industry for about 6 years.

He  started his career as an actor.

He is one of the  Assistant Directors of the ongoing series called Ka-Siri on Maisha Magic Plus.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho he revealed some of the challenges he faces after being in the industry for six years.

"It's not that easy because all the pressure lands on you, there is something called a call sheet on set, and every day it has a target to be met. If for example, you have a series with 256 scenes, you have to break them to specific days. Every day you drop a scene you affect tomorrow's scenes and that holds you back," Anthoney said.

He explained  that when the cast fails to do their homework it makes the crew take a step back.

A Director does 25% of the work while the cast does the other 75%.

If either of them does not do their homework  it gets harder to deliver what the director had envisioned.

Rutabigwa did not just focus on the challenges alone he touched on some of the best parts of being an Assistant Director.

He  enjoys seeing actors shift into new personalities and deliver on what is expected of them and it also makes him happy to drive them crazy.

"You get to see how people change their personalities, how people role and sometimes you get to see them go crazy by pushing them to do more."

 Does he prefer working with rookie's  or with veteran actors?

" Everyone wants something easy and I would say that I prefer those who have been in the game but the problem is that they will do something that they did before."

His advise to Rookie directors (a person with little experience )

" Once you realize that you have a talent don't just rely on what you are told. Work outside the box, go for auditions, and go for it. You have to swallow your pride even if you were featured in a big film, swallow your pride, and go for those auditions."

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