Meet male SA gym instructor leaving ladies envious about his nyash!

• He is envied by women who want his big behind.

Your knees will be in agony after watching videos of this man doing squats, but keep the goal in mind. A South African fitness instructor with the most incredible body is winning hearts online.

He uses such motivational music to encourage people to get their bodies active. The name he has earned is King of Squats. He is in Nairobi and exercise enthusiasts can't wait to try out with him in a live session.

The body he has attained over the years doing squats has also earned him a legion of followers who are envious of his achievement. The girl can't believe he has that kind of body, especially his nyash.

The fitness instructor also captures the attention of his gym clothes. The well-fitting attire shows off his gains and his backside is rather endowed. His TikTok videos are on the account @saaerobics.

While many cry out how hard it is to do the squats, he encourages them with sweet words in all the classes he holds in Soweto.

King of Squats
Image: Courtesy

"I tried these squats 2 days ago. They're not as easy as it looks. I'm still in pain despite all the stretching!🤣" one person noted.

Some other comments are below;

dee064987_....he has made my exercise a little easier

aisheac...I did the squats to 1 video and was in pain the next day😂

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