YY's wife Marya reveals unknown details about getting paralysed

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• Marya Okoth is an interior designer, award winning actress, mother of one and wife to comedian YY.

Marya Okoth
Image: Instagram

In an interview with journalist Dennis Milimo, YY's wife Marya Okoth spoke on how paralysis had been a wake-up call for her to jump-start her life back on track.

The medical condition happened last year and was a major challenge in her career and life in general.

The mother of one was quick to talk about it and what she thinks about it. She said she was proud to say that she took the time she spent in the hospital recovering as a great learning experience in her life.

She started by thanking the almighty for enabling her to walk again and praised herself for her outstanding efforts after she recovered.

"A time like this last year nilikuwa hosi, na nilikuwa nimekaa hosi for 5 months so when this year started, I prayed to God that nilishkuru nimetembea and I told him I was not going to waste time.

I'm just so grateful that sijajiangusha, sijawaste hii mwaka, it was a wake-up call for me to be in that hospital bed for five months."

Other than talking about her paralysis journey she thanked her fans for supporting her in her career, helping her win the most influential actress at the Pulse Awards, and urged them to continue supporting her.

"Asanteni sana guys I told you guys this is ours, tulikuwa tunajifanya ooh sijui tuko nervous but I also take this with so much humility and  I thank God I thank you guys asanteni sana sana sana."

She added that those who don't know her should take her award-winning character as a sign to start being her fans.

"For those of you who don't know me, this is a sign to follow me, I am a gem go to my socials Marya Okoth on YouTube, and let's meet here next year bigger and better."

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