Details of Daudi Anguka's new Sh8 million movie dubbed 'Mvera' [Video]


• Award-winning director Daudi Anguka splashes Sh8 million on new film Mvera

• He is a multi-award-winning cinematographer for featured films, music videos, TV shows, documentaries and commercials.

daudi Anguka
Image: Instagram Daudi Anguka

Speaking in an interview with Mpasho's journalist Dennis Millimo, Daudi Anguka revealed that the current budget for his new project Mvera cost Sh8 million, a million shillings more than Abel Mutua's Click Click Bang.

Mvera is a story that was meant to be written as a modern retelling of Mekatilili wa Menza's story but the budget was too high for him, something that made him tweak his idea a bit.

"Mvera ni story nimekua nikiandika 3 years back, aim ya Mvera nilikua niandike story ya Mekatilili wa Menza so wakati niliangalia budget niliona budget iko juu sana so ilienda kucost around 35 million. Nikarudi kwa drawing board kwa sababu nilijuliza 35 million ntatoa wapi, ndo nikasema wacha nifanye Mordern Mekatilili," Daudi answers.

He added that the film was inspired by the current generation, from people who want to tell their stories but didn't get a chance to speak it out.

"Because tukona hero's  wengi kwa hii generation yetu hatujatell story zetu, ndo apo nikakuja na Mvera, kuna mtu amekua akibrainwash watu wengi na watu wamebelive for the past 15 years amekua akiairlift community," he continues.

The Mvera writer also discussed how the film incorporated coincidences from everyday life. Like the case of the Uasin Ngishu students being taken to Finland for further studies.

"Unapata watu wakimalioza fourm four wanaenda kutafuta kazi nje ya nchi kuna wale wamefaulu na wengine hawajafaulu," he continued.

The same thing happened with students who just finished high school and tended to go to outside countries to search for jobs.

Watch the interview below;

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