Filmmaker Daudi Anguka recalls IEBC's Juliana Cherera as creative & sharp teacher

Cinematographer Daudi Anguka has reminisced his days in school with Cherera as his teacher

• The filmmaker got candid with Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi about his former teacher and IEBC commissioner Cherera

• He also opened up about his most recent work Sanura which airs on Maish magic

where he talked about his former teacher Juliana Cherera and his new project Sanura
Journalist Kalondu Musyimi and filmmaker Daudi Anguka where he talked about his former teacher Juliana Cherera and his new project Sanura
Image: Instagram
where he talked about his former teacher Juliana Cherera and his new project Sanura
Journalist Kalondu Musyimi and filmmaker Daudi Anguka where he talked about his former teacher Juliana Cherera and his new project Sanura
Image: Instagram

Cinematographer and filmmaker Daudi Anguka has weighed in on the trending topic of the 4 IEBC commissioners who differed with IEBC chairperson Wafula Chebukati about the Presidential results announced recently.

The 4 commissioners dissented and held a press conference announcing their stand on the matter. Of particular interest was Commissioner Juliana Cherera who also serves as the IEBC vice chairperson. 

Cherera has been the topic of discussion online and her mathematics calculation left many Kenyans cracking their heads.

The filmmaker told Mpasho's Kalondo Musyimi in an exclusive interview that he recalls Cherera as a sharp and creative teacher.

She was a drama teacher who mentored him (Daudi) at Kajembe High School. 

He told Kalondo that her mathematics lessons were the most memorable.

"She taught many subjects, but for me most she taught us languages in Secondary school, then in Drama because she was someone who was very creative. She was very sharp and someone who was very fast so you will find that the level she reached ni mtu kwa hesabu vile watu wanasema," Daudi said. 

Daudi added that Cherera pushed students to succeed in core curriculum activities, as she was a strong believer when it comes to talent. 

"She is very good at mathematics. I think that 0.01 that people are commenting about, I know as my former teacher she was a very sharp teacher and for me, I know that the 0.01 labda vile amesema labda there is somewhere she calculated, " Anguka defended his former teacher. 

Daudi Anguka and his Swahili telenovelas

Daudi Anguka who brought you the local series Pete also opened up about his other Swahili telenovela, Sanura, that premiered in July on Maisha Magic Plus.

"Sanura is a girl whom I took and put her kwa kisiwa . Sanura faces problems and there are things she wants to know more about, also she has a family. So Sanura is very relatable. The issue of family conflicts and the issue of culture," the filmmaker stated. 

The series on Maisha Magic Plus; "It's a franchise, there are projects shown on Maisha magic East and elsewhere"

Anguka also disclosed the origin of the name Sanura; "I loved going to the bank and there was a girl called Sanura so most of the time I used to tell her, you have a very beautiful name, and also you are beautiful. "

At some point, Daudi told the girl that one day he would write her story. 

"And so it happened, I searched for an actress just as beautiful as Sanura and did location scouting. I went to different Islands, but I wanted to shoot in Lamu because Lamu is unique," he explained. 

Daudi traveled to Lamu in search of family life stories, "I got many girls telling their personal stories. I compiled different stories and then I took Sanura and put her as the face of these stories."

This was four years ago. 

The real Sanura and Daudi are still close friends; "We talk a lot and she is happy the title of the show is her name".

"The Governor-Elect is very supportive of the film industry. He encouraged us to showcase Lamu positively," Anguka said while explaining why Lamu was a perfect location for Sanura. 

The possibility of fans rejecting the series was top on the filmmaker's mind and that's why he had to give his all when putting things together. 

Daudi told Kalondu that in most of his projects he hires newbies and little-known actors are always encouraged to audition for roles in his movies. 

"I'm not looking for stars. I want to make stars.  If you look at those I have selected now they have become stars. I want to build and grow new actors. My aim is to give opportunities to small people," Daudi Anguka remarked. 

Another series is Pete. How is Daudi handling it?

"It is not easy multitasking with new projects simultaneously. They are all big projects and unachizi kidogo, coz you find I lock myself to think for three days. I don't even take calls to get my creative juices flowing", he says. 

Daudi has encouraged creatives to push themselves because there are more opportunities in the film industry - plays, features, and many more.

"I have invested and written for the last five years. It depends for a feature film low budget is Sh8 million," he said. 

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