Colonel Mustafa makes music comeback after mum's cancer scare


• He had taken a music break.

• He will be performing at Watanashati Festival.

colonel mustapha
colonel mustapha

Colonel Mustafa has announced his music comeback.

 While talking about his mum's recovery he touched on an EP that he says he has recorded.

Speaking during an interview at the Kenya National Theatre ahead of  the much anticipated Watanashati Festival that is going to take place in Meru County.

          "Mama alimaliza radiotherapy, so she is fine right now., ata nimeweza kurudi studio nishatengeneza EP," he statesd.        

Mustafa has been quiet for some years after his life sadly hit rock bottom when his mother was diagnosed with cancer.

In 2022 he released a song but it sadly flopped due to lack of consistency and it was the first song that he released after a decade.

His audience had disappeared that time that he had been away.

Through this time life was a little bit hard for him because everything that he had went to treatment for his mom.

A video of him carrying bricks at a construction site was trending was evident that he was not doing quite well. Artists, friends, and media personalities came to his rescue and now he is back on his feet.

While he was still in that state, there was a video of him expressing his love for music but it was sad that he couldn't do anything about it.

The Watanashati festival has decided to give our heroic musician another chance to show his love for music and performing.

Mustafa has  promised to give the best show to his fans and also has a surprise of a new song at the performance.

The Festival will happen on October 7th at Kinoro stadium in Meru county.


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