Linda claims her bosses saw her uniform that morning before the photo went viral

'It was so overwhelming' Cop Linda Okello in tight skirt viral picture opens up

• She says uniform approved 7 years ago

• She has since relocated to the US.


Cop Linda Okello who went viral after a photo of her in a body-hugging skirt went viral says the experience was overwhelming.

Speaking to Citizen TV Okello spoke of a difficult journey after going viral.

At the time the photo was taken, She was on the phone but what captivated netizens was the tight skirt that showed her Nyash.

She told Citizen

"I was talking to my boss. By that time I was a corporal of police, so I was coordinating the safari Rally with my boss to check the arrival of the safari"

She did not have an idea the picture was taken and how she felt

" It was so overwhelming. I received a lot of phone calls some of which I did not even respond to"

Her superiors read about the viral picture the following day,

"The following day I was undergoing punishment. When you do something that doesn't go with the police code there is something called orderly room proceeding, like a court they go you answer the charges, if it's true or not true"

The accusation?

"That I was scantily dressed. the allegation was that the skirt was not the police uniform."

She insists the uniform was approved by the person in charge,

"This uniform I was given like 7 years ago. And I'm growing, it won't fit the way it was"

She defended her look.She also spoke about being cyber bullied

"I felt bad because this thing was fuelled by my fellow women. I think I was the most googled person at that time. I was in traffic and when I stopped a matatu I heard whispers that 'haiya ni yule'

They saw me very well they are the ones who allocated me that point.

There was no way I would have gone to work without them seeing me. They felt that I was so famous, that I was talking to the media, of which I was not talking, coz I remember the media were calling me, I was denying their call, I didn't want to appear that I was always talking media people giving them information. "

She was transferred to Molo. Her life was not easy, prompting her to silently disappear from Kenya.She had been five years in the service.

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