Watch: Should police officers shoot TikTok videos in uniform? Kenyans respond

Kenyans respond to whether police officers should shoot TikTok videos in uniform


•Hillary Mutyambai saying doing TikTok videos while in police uniform is  giving a negative image about the force.

•Mutyambai was also upset about some officers airing their grievances via Tik Tok videos

Hillary Mutyambai during a police parade

The Inspector-General of police Hillary Mutyambai on 22nd Wednesday 2022 stated that Kenyan police officers should stop taking Tik Tok videos in their uniform.

This came after a police officer shot a trending Tik Tok video that went viral.

Mutyambai stressed that police officers who take videos and post them on social media portray their services in a bad light.

“This depicts the service and government at large negatively,” Mutyambai stated.

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This is not the first time the Inspector General has warned the police officers about taking videos to posting them on social media.

Last year, Mutyambai banned officers from posting their outrage and the injustice they go through in their duties.

A female police officer posted a video online lamenting how she tried to resign to no avail.

She went on to add that the police are very corrupt whereby there is an exchange of money for service that is illegal.

When Kenyans were asked about their views on the matter of whether police officers should record videos and post them online they had mixed reactions.

Linda Okello was reprimanded back in 2014 after photos of her rocking very tight skirts went viral.

The photos left tongues wagging something that made the police force take action against her for being 'indecently dressed'

Linda has since relocated to the US.

In the past Deputy Inspector General of the Kenya Police Service Grace Kaindi had reportedly warned female officers against applying lipstick or wearing fashionable clothes, bangles, and big earrings while on duty.

In a circular issued around at the time, the officers were told some items of clothing and accessories were tarnishing the good name of the service.

The circular warned that any officer found with the banned items will have breached Force Standing Order CAP 37 and the National Police Service Act 2011 Section 87-88 and will be liable for punishment.

“Issues of Police misconduct were raised and the most noticeable one was a matter of how some of the police officers wear the uniform.

It was noted with a lot of concern that male police officers wear different types of socks, unmatching [sic] long trousers, colored visible vests, and bangles among other metals, whereas women officers have dreadlocks, “Afro” hair, big earrings, unnecessary bangles, and lipstick. Fashionable wear is only good when one is on leave,” the circular signed by Leo N. Ijora on behalf of Kaindi said.

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