Mzungu Mwitu reveals his favourite Kenyan comedian

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• Eliot Berry aka Mzungu Mwitu is a Kenyan TikTok content creator, brand influencer and Reverend dad.

Kenyan Tiktoker The Reverend Dad
Image: Instagram

This week during a quickfire session with Mpasho journalist Kalondu Musyimi, Eliot Berry famously known as Mzungu Mwitu stated that Crazy Kennar never fails to make him laugh.

During the interview, Mzungu showed how clueless he was about previous gospel artists' songs as he wasn't able to finish the lyrics of any song asked by the Mpasho journalist.

After staying in Kenya for more than a decade Elliot was able to adapt to the ' African time' of being late and not seeing a problem with it.

The TikTok content creator made fun of Milly Wa Jesus since she didn't know the words of her favourite bible verse yet it was her favourite.

This is how the quickfire went down.

Kalondu: Are you an African timer?

Mzungu Mwitu: Inadepend ninanenda wapi?

Kalondu: What is your favourite Kenyan artist's song?

Mzungu Mwitu: It has to be disco matanga by Sauti Sol.

Kalondu: When is the best time to visit London?

Mzungu Mwitu: The best time to visit London is during summer time hizo time zingine kunanyesha sana.

Kalondu: What is your favourite thing about Kenya and the UK?

Mzungu Mwitu: In Kenya, it's the humour and in the UK it's my family.

Kalondu: Who is your best friend, the person you text the most and hero?

Mzungu Mwitu: My mom.

Kalondu: What do you love about Luhya people?

Mzungu Mwitu: Waluhya ni n vibes tu yaani sisi Waluhya ni vibe tu.

Kalondu: What is your favourite Kenyan food?

Mzungu Mwitu: Ugali Madondo

Kalondu: What is your least favourite food?

Mzungu Mwitu: Matumbo

Kalondu: What is your favourite bible verse?

Mzungu Mwitu: (While impersonating  Milly) It was to be  John 3:16 because God so loves the world...

Kalondu: A person in the bible who seems complicated?

Mzungu Mwitu: Everybody in the bible is complicated, wote wako complicated kila mtu ako complicated except for Jesus.

Mzungu Mwitu: Kalondu who is your favourite person to interview?

Kalondu: Mzungu Mwitu and many others.

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