Mum sent me to Kenya as 'punishment-TitToker Reverend Dad

Mlami Mwitu reveals why he would rather learn luo than the luhya language

• The Reverend Dad is a certified Psychological Counselor and a former model.

• He travels to the UK once or twice a year.

Kenyan Tiktoker The Reverend Dad
Image: Instagram

Kenyan Tiktoker, Mlami Mwitu alias the Reverend Dad, has opened up on why he decided to relocate to Kenya almost 7 years ago.

He also talks about being confused for a Luhya thanks to his accent. Speaking during an interview with Mpasho.Co.Ke he said,

"I never knew I had a Luhya accent until my video went viral. All the comments were that I was a Luhya. I did not choose the Luhya life it chose me. "

The Reverend says back in the UK he was a stubborn kid and his mum told him to come to Kenya for a few months.

"I grew up in the UK I came to Kenya when I was 19 and then I relocated to Kenya at 21. Initially, I did not want to come to Kenya, but my mum told me I had to because I was giving her a lot of trouble.

She bought me my ticket. I was supposed to stay here for 3 months and within the first 3 weeks I was already feeling at home."

The certified Psychological Counselor says he is having trouble learning the Luhya language.

"I wish I can be able to learn the Luhya language but it is a tongue twister. The French people can easily learn Kiluhya.

If I was to learn a Kenyan language I would learn the Luo Language, Luhya is a bit complex. My mum is not bothered by my Luhya accent but my dad is bothered a little because he speaks fluent English."

The Reverend hopes to continue inspiring people through his videos. He is currently based in Eldoret but comes to Kanairo once in a while.

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