Bensoul studied Civil engineering but dropped it in favor of music

Bensoul reveals crazy expensive rate card

• The musician even warned that the rate would keep on rising with time as he added to his catalogue.

bensoul blankets and wine courtesy
bensoul blankets and wine courtesy

Benson Mutua aka Bensoul is a multi-talented man who has written well over 500 songs. Listen to his 2023 album Lion of Sudah to see this proof of a lyrical genius.

He shows his vulnerability on the album in a track dubbed Navutishwa where he tells of failed relationships.

Bensoul on Thursday, Aug 24 in an interview with Mpasho spoke about his work, noting the accolades he has earned.

"It's a beautiful feeling to see that all your hard work that I've put in is finally paying off tumelima sana manze from the days nilichezea Hart The Band, from the day yeney nimekuwa musicain in charge, nimelima sana so wacha maua yangu zianze kukuja."

Interestingly, music was not something he studied. He had enrolled in college to study Civil Engineering, but his heart was not in it.

We learned this when he was asked what the biggest sacrifice he has ever made. Bensoul says the biggest sacrifice he has made in his career was quitting civil engineering in school to do music full-time.

"I quit school, I was studying civil engineering and I said I wanna do music like full time and by then I wasn't a superstar in any way. So nilikuwa najiaminia, and that was a risk. But I am glad that I did it."

What were his parent's opinion about dropping such a good career goal?

"For sure she was a bit afraid about it but she still supported, thanks to my mum maze, she supported me in so many ways."

The support from his mother spurred him to hit the ground running. "She did not judge me in any way, the way some parents usually are."

It is also paying off as he has an astounding rate card. To hire Bensoul to perform, you will need to pay him Sh750,000.

"Yes 750k and it is not for kiki or anything. When you look at my rate card, the shows that I do they must pay me that much, lazima wafike hip bei," he shared.

He also warns that it will soon cost more to have him perform, "Of which inaenda ikipanda. The more I do music, the more my rate card keeps going up so mnibook saa hizi maneza kuniafford."

The Sh750k includes a changing room, a ride to the venue for him and his squad, drinks, good space, also also nimeitisha dawa, vitu zangu unajua mambo yangu pale lazima so the tent must be iwe imebariki in a good way."

"Soon enough I will also start asking for a massage person, sababu eh hii kazi sii rahisi lazima msanii afilie," he said while laughing about his suggestion.

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