Wacha wenye pesa waende - Bensoul triggers KOT over Sauti Sol’s Sh20k tickets

• Kama 20k ya kuona Sauti Sol inakushinda by November, you have a long way to go- Bensoul said on Sauti Sol's concert

• In a tweet, the Navutishwa hitmaker said that he is optimistic that tickets for the upcoming Sol Fest will still sell out despite being a bit pricey.

Sauti Sol and Bensoul

Kenyan artist Bensoul has ruffled feathers on Twitter by arguing that people who can't afford Sh20,000 Sauti Sol concert tickets have a long way to go in life.

The Navutishwa hitmaker remarked in a tweet that despite being a bit pricy, tickets for the next Sol Fest will still sell out.

“Kama 20k ya kuona Sauti Sol inakushinda by November, you have a long way to go. Wacha wenye pesa waende. One thing I know for sure is we are going to sell out,” Bensoul said.

However, a section of Kenyans on Twitter were quick to join the conversation –roasting the singer over his statement.

In a quick rejoinder, Bensoul called back at his critics asking them to drop the broke mentality and embrace supporting their own.

“This broke mentality needs to go!!,” Bensoul said.

At the same time, Sol Fest organizers through their socials announced that advance tickets for their Die Hard Fans show had already been sold out after being put on sale.\

The fan show will happen on November 4th at Uhuru Gardens and the already sold-out tickets were going for Sh2500. Another set of tickets is going for Sh6500 (behind-the-scenes access)  and advance tickets going for Sh3500.

The VIP show will take place two days before the fan's show, on November 2nd, 2023, and will cost Ksh 20,000.

The Ksh 20,000 package includes a 5-star banquet-style dinner, complimentary welcome drinks, an intimate performance by Sauti Sol, an exclusive Sauti Sol merchandise pack, Sauti Sol meet and greet.

In a statement in May, Sauti Sol announced that it will be taking a break from group projects.

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