Sam West- Government should focus on banning LGBTQ instead of TikTok

• Sam says the government should focus on banning LGBTQ.

Motivational speaker Sam West

There has been a heated debate on whether the government should ban/ regulate TitTok use in Kenya.

Kenyans are divided on the move as some of them earn a living sharing their content on such platforms.

There has been concern over the high number of sexually explicit content shared on the platform, especially past watershed hours.

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, Sam West who is a motivational speaker and a man of God, says the government has more pressing issues to deal with and it's not TikTok.

'Tiktok should not be the government's priority for now.

The government should first ban such things as LGBTQ.

Tittok was made by China and it's set in a way that it preoccupies the mindset of people around the globe to ensure they do nothing constructive. The US knows this and that's why it has banned TikTok on some parts,"

Speaking from experience Sam who has visited Hong Kong before swore that the content shared on their Tik Tok is not the same as what we have in the +254.

"If you go to Hong Kong you find very constructive content on Tiktok.

They show stuff surrounding engineering, innovations farming, etc.

In Kenyan the case is different.

Our young people will never think of something constructive, because that is how TikTok has been made."


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