Famous TikTokers react to shock petition seeking to ban popular app


• The petition has terrified many content creators who use the app to make a living.

Image: Courtesy

TikTok has become a hustling zone for many content creators in Kenya and the world at large.

Content creators earn through posting videos and fans send gifts during live streams which are later converted to money.

Others meanwhile are sponsored by big brands that use them to advertise their products on their popular pages.

This week, Bob Ndolo, the owner of Xtreme Media Limited submitted a petition asking the government to ban TikTok.

If this petition is passed, it will have a huge negative effect on the content creators as one of the avenues that they can make money will have been shut down.

Some creators have reacted to this issue by showing how they feel.

"You injure your finger, do you cut off your whole arm? this is the stupidest thing am reading today. This is a very big joke, expensive very expensive," famous comedy content creator Flaqo stated.

Another major TikTok user, MtuneCessary also didn't pull any punches complaining that the proposed petition would kill the people who use the app to survive and thrive.

"Yaani mpaka kitu tunakula nayo mnataka kutumaliza," the rapper wrote.

Yesterday National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang'ula received the petition from Ndolo, an executive officer of the Briget Connect Consultancy.

"The petitioner has decried that the content that is being shared on the social media platform is inappropriate and is promoting violence, vulgar language, explicit sexual content, hate speech which is a serious threat to the cultural and religious values in Kenya," the petition read. 

The petitioner also alleged that Tik Tok has collected data of its users including information about the device being used to access the platform, and the location of its users, including browsing history. 

"The platform has shared information about its users with the third party company without users' consent," the petitioner claimed. 

Ndolo stated that if the app is not banned in Kenya, Tik Tok addictive nature would lead to a decline in academic performance, and lead in mental health issues, depression, anxiety, and sleep deprivation among the youth. 

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