'Ubomboclat!' Khaligraph furiously says about proposed TikTok ban


• Like most Kenyans who reacted online, the rapper was very forthright about his displeasure at the proposal.

Khaligraph Jones
Image: Instagram

Khaligraph Jones was recently interviewed by Mpasho.co.ke where he touched on the controversial petition to ban TikTok in Kenya.

The bulky rapper said that it was nonsense and didn't hide his displeasure at the proposal calling out the government.

"Iyo ni ubomboclat yani manze, saa zingine the government hukua na ubomboclat, I can't have a better term to used. The country is in a state where the level of unemployment is over the roof and the platform that people have found ya kupata pesa ndo mnasema mnataka kublock from Kenya," the EAEA award winner said.

His solution however was for the government to come up with mechanisms that regulate the content Kenyan children see online.

"Instead of saying that there's bad content, Kuja useme, that we need to come up with new strategies to regulate the content that our kids see but don't take down the whole thing," the rapper passionately said.

The musician says that taking down the platform might bring conflict among those who use it for their businesses.

Watch the video below;

The bill was submitted by Bob Ndolo claiming that TikTok has become an app that is promoting explicit content, vulgar language, and violence.

Due to its addictive structure, it has attracted many users that some have taken advantage of it and misused it by exposure to unpleasing content. Whereby the content is viewed by all users without an age limit.

Like Khaligraph, many Kenyans online haven't taken the proposal positively with many also wanting a similar compromise to the rapper.

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