Why Mulamwah turned down request to take a photo with Brian Chira

''Mulamwah was like no, sitaki kuonekana na wewe.'' Brian Chira

Piece by: PAUL AMUKO

• Brian Chira bravely shared a deeply personal story about an encounter with popular comedian Mulamwah

Mulamwah & Brian Chira
Image: Courtesy

In a recent interview with MPasho, rising content creator Brian Chira bravely shared a deeply personal story about an encounter with popular comedian Mulamwah that left him heartbroken and sparked his social media rant.

Chira sheds light on the incident that unfolded and reflects on the impact of social media rejections.

Chira recounts the moment he spotted Mulamwah while leaving a show with Mungai Eve. Excited by the opportunity, he approached Mulamwah, expressing admiration for his content and requesting a picture together.

However, to Chira's dismay, Mulamwah declined, stating that he did not want to be seen with him. This rejection deeply affected Chira, leaving him shattered at that moment.

''So I reached out and I was like bro I love your content all I want is just a picture with you, nothingelese just a picture nipost status niseme nilipatana na mulamwah at the national theatre, mulamwah was like no, sitaki kuonekana na wewe.''

However, amidst the disappointment, Chira found solace in meeting Mulamwah's friend, Tumbili, another content creator who recognized him and invited him to collaborate on a video.

Chira appreciated this gesture and moved forward. Despite the rejection, Chira emphasizes the importance of moving on and not letting such experiences hinder personal growth.

Chira also highlights his involvement in supporting Mulamwah's rise to fame in 2019. Back then, Chira says he was a prominent figure on Instagram, regularly sharing Mulamwah's content and promoting him on his stories.

''We were the first people to help mulamwah grow his account but ni sawa tu ndio maana niliskia vibaya brooo.''

Chira's posts would receive thousands of likes, boosting Mulamwah's visibility through the platform's algorithm. However, the rejection from Mulamwah left Chira feeling hurt and unappreciated.

Despite the emotional setback, Chira extends a message of encouragement to Mulamwah, acknowledging his success and urging him to support fellow content creators.

''Take it easy we all have brands my name is Chira, Brian Chira, and i am just coming up,  you are there on the spotlight, just help other content creators grow kuonekana na wewe si dhambi, mimi nitaenda kwangu we utaenda kwako, hata sitaki number yako, it was just a picture.''

Chira envisions a future where both he and Mulamwah thrive in their respective brands, suggesting that collaboration and mutual growth can benefit the entire content creation community.

The incident with Mulamwah serves as a reminder that even small gestures, such as taking a picture, can have a profound effect on aspiring creators. Let us heed Chira's call for empathy and collaboration, creating an environment where all content creators can flourish together.

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