Brian Chira: I earn 100K on TikTok live

Chira says he has worked hard to be where he currently is.

• He says he is not ready to disclose how he got infected with HIV/AIDS.

•Chira is an orphan who was brought up by his grandmother,

Brian Chira confirms he is HIV positive

Kenyan Tiktoker Brian Chira has revealed how much he earns on his Live videos.

According to him on a bad day, he makes roughly 100K.

For those who do not understand how, when one goes live on TikTok, the people who join your feed can gift you and some of these gifts translate into cash.

Speaking during an interview with Mungai Eve's YouTube channel, He shared;

"I make 100K when I go live on Tiktok. Kenyans are wealthy and people out there are rich.

Most of the people who join my Live videos are abroad."

How has fame changed him?

Life has changed for the better, I am saving as much as I can. I am currently the breadwinner. I help my grandmother and my cousins who are orphans.

I am currently the breadwinner. Life has been good."


"When I was coming up my granny and I was not on good terms.

I know my grandmother is depressed in a way and looking back I wish there are things I did not share on social media.

She did not know I was HIV positive, She heard it from someone else. She did not know. She learned of the news from social media.

It really affected her, but we are now on good terms."

How does it feel to be famous?

"It's been overwhelming but I am happy about it. I am enjoying the moment and hope to make the most of it."

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