How dreaded stage fright is a blessing to Njugush

''Ukiingia hio stage bila stage fright unaenda kufanya mathogothanio.''

Piece by: PAUL AMUKO

• A video of Njugush  seemingly  having stage fright at the backstage before performing for TTNT4  has recently been making rounds on the socials.

• In an exclusive interview, Njugush, opened up about his experience with stage fright and the unique energy it brings

Blessed Njugush TTNT4 performance
Image: Courtesy/ Sopphotography

A video of Njugush seemingly having stage fright backstage before performing for TTNT4  has recently been making rounds on socials.

This raised concerns about how comes he has been performing for many years yet he is still a victim of stage fright.

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, the talented Kenyan comedian, Njugush, opened up about his experience with stage fright and the unique energy it brings to his performances.

Despite being a seasoned entertainer, Njugush revealed that stage fright is not only a common occurrence but also an essential ingredient for a successful show.

Let us delve into Njugush's insights, shedding light on the transformative power of stage fright and the exhilarating journey it takes performers on.

Harnessing stage fright as fuel:

Njugush believes that stage fright is, in fact, nourishment for the stage. He asserts that without those butterflies fluttering in his stomach, his performances would lack a certain edge and intensity.

''If I don’t get stage fright hio show itakuwa na shida, I believe stage fright is food for the stage, ukiingia hio stage bila stage fright unaenda kufanya mathogothanio.''

According to him, stage fright fuels his desire to deliver a memorable show, propelling him to give his absolute best on stage.

This revelation challenges the notion that experienced performers should be immune to stage fright, highlighting the universal nature of this phenomenon.

The Inner Battle before the Spotlight:

Just moments before stepping onto the stage, Njugush reveals that a whirlwind of thoughts consumes his mind.

Questions like where the audience came from and the fear of not being able to satisfy their expectations flood his thoughts.

''Just before upande hizo stairs a lot is going through your mind, like hawa wasee wametoka wapi, what if I don’t make them happy, what if stima zipotee?''

He even ponders what would happen if the electricity suddenly went out. The artist acknowledges that these "what if" scenarios may plague every performer's mind.

However, as soon as he sets foot on stage, all those worries vanish, transporting him to an entirely different realm of performance.

The unique World of TTNT 4:

Reflecting on his recent performance at TTNT 4, Njugush reveals that he is still immersed in the magical world that the event created.

He describes it as a different kind of high, one that allows him to tap into a renewed energy and unleash his creativity.

''It's like you are in a new whole world, for ME for this TTNT4 sijatoka bado kwa hio world, its a different high, that's why mtu saa zingine unasema vitu unashangaa ulikuwa unasema nini hizo.''

The electrifying atmosphere of TTNT 4 has left a lasting impression on the comedian, even altering the words he uttered on stage.

It is in this otherworldly space that artists find themselves, where the boundaries of self-doubt and fear dissolve.

Embracing the transformative power:

Njugush's perspective offers a fresh understanding of stage fright as a transformative force. Rather than letting the fear hinder his performance, he embraces it as a catalyst for elevating his craft.

By acknowledging and harnessing the energy of stage fright, performers can tap into their full potential and deliver unforgettable experiences to their audiences.

Njugush TTNT4 performance
Image: Sopphotography


Njugush's revelation about stage fright provides a unique glimpse into the inner workings of an artist's mind.

It challenges the assumption that stage fright diminishes with experience, emphasizing its enduring presence and the profound impact it can have on performances.

By embracing stage fright as a source of motivation and channeling its energy, artists like Njugush elevate their craft to new heights.

Through this understanding, both performers and audiences alike can appreciate the transformative power that lies within the realm of stage fright.

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