Njugush speaks on making a radio comeback


• Njugush started out his career in radio and he shares on how it was one of his dreams to work in radio.

Image: Instagram

Timothy Kimani aka Njugush is one of the best comedians in Kenya, and his success story has been a journey.

Unknown to many he started out by doing radio in Tanzania with Angela Ng' endo on a show called BBC Sema.

While speaking to Dennis Milimo in an interview he shares on how his journey has been.

"I did Journalism in school and I always wanted to work in radio like a proper radio, so BBC gave me that platform we did it for one year."

Njugush shared that he started doing radio at that time in 2016-2017 and this to him was something that pushed him into radio.

To him he says it was one of those challenging tasks where you need to have fun and be serious also at the same time because it was a show for young people.

He says that through this show he feels like he was able to live his dream of working in radio through this show.

When asked if he ever thought of getting back to radio he says that for him he can do anything that comes his way.

He hilariously joked that maybe the only thing that he can't be able to do maybe is wash wash business.

He says he has been approached by the radio stations and yes this is something he really loves doing just being there and talking to people.

"If its radio there is something sweet about radio and yes the have reached out but till we get that sweet deal, we will wait"

He said its not just about the money but to him its about being in an environment you enjoy working in.

Njugush recently had a show called TTNT and he managed to sell out KICC a seating capacity of 3000 people.

He also shares he started planning this in October last year from scripting to logistics to giving out duties and planning the whole event.

He says that it was a whole production hence why he can do it only once a year because it entails a lot of planning.

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