Pritty Vishy shares her experience having 'Kienyeji' music video pulled down

''Kazi ya huyo mwenye alipull down video yangu ilikuwa kusema…eeeh hiyo part imeweza,'' Pritty Vishy.

Piece by: PAUL AMUKO

• Pritty Vishy's premier track ‘Kienyeji’ was pulled down from YouTube within 24hrs for a copyright claim. 

• She shared her experience of having her music pulled down and also gave insights to events that led to this particular incident .

Pritty Vishy
Image: Instagram

Pritty Vishy has recently been making waves on social media with her zero cringe attitude, a week ago she uploaded a video to her premier track ‘Kienyeji’ on her YouTube channel. 

The track had amassed quite a buzz on its release but was unfortunately pulled down from YouTube within 24hrs for a copyright claim.

 In a recent exclusive interview with Mpasho, Pritty Vishy shared her experience of having her music pulled down and also gave insights into events that led to this particular incident.

''You see kienyeji was my first music ever hata 'Dear Ex' ilikuja after nimeshafanya audio yake but I had no capital to do the video, nilirecord kienyeji last year mwezi wa saba and like I said I didn't have capital.’’

Her song, "Kienyeji," is an honest depiction of her life and the way people perceive her. According to her, she is a ‘Kienyeji’ , 

''Yeah I'm a kienyeji,... Like right now unapata a girl amejipolish but deep down ye ni kienyeji…kienyeji means you don’t know somethings but unjifanya mbele ya watu like you know it, but deep down we ni kienyeji.’’

The song speaks to her identity, she was inspired to make the track because she loves music and she can sing.

''The thing is I can sing like literally, wachana na jokes vile nafanyanga, what inspired me is how people used to talk about me if you listen to the track it's everything that happens to me, what people say about me, wanasema ety napenda wababa, that song is all about me comparing me to my recent life, hiyo ndio kitu wanaona kitu watu wanajua, and I also love music and I can do music,’’ said Pritty

Pritty Vishy narrated vividly the events when she uploaded the video, she said it was on a Wednesday and she had just come from Mombasa with a terrible flu, feeling very unwell.

 Her producer, Terrence insisted that she releases the video he would help push it and alert people that the music was out, so she uploaded it.

It was doing very well in terms of numbers, unfortunately, in a span 24hrs she was pinged to an email notification of her video being withdrawn from YouTube.

''Producer Terrence told me pritty achilia hiyo ngoma hata kama wewe ni mgonjwa I will still help push it and alert people your music is out. So I posted it… it was doing well, then 20hrs later I had just woke up and boom I received an email opening it was like your music has been pulled down due to a copyright claim, I felt like dunia inaeza tu anguka inizike, it was the saddest feeling ever,''

 she asserted. ''I don’t feel like it’s my haters….it is my haters, the person who pulled down my track I know him inside out,’’ she was already familiar with the individual who pulled down the video, she claimed the individual was present during the recording of the ‘kienyeji’ with producer Terrence and was more like a hype man. 

She noted that both the beat and the mixing and mastering of the vocals were done by producer Terrence and the individual played no significant part in the entire creation of the track.

''He was there with producer Terrence, kazi ya huyo mwenye alipull down video yangu ilikuwa kuwa kusema…eeh hiyo part imeweza, you know, yule mtu wa kukuhype ukirecord kwa studio. To be honest, the beats and the vocals were all done by producer Terrence, from day 1 like everything producer Terrence ndiye alifanya.’’

When questioned about what this individual was claiming, Pritty said he was claiming shares on the track because according to him he took part in making the song. This didn’t sit well with Vishy because she felt like he was demanding credit where it wasn’t due.

''The guy is claiming that he needed shares in the music, and am like what shares bro, you didn’t do anything. His claim was coming from, because hakukuwa na strategy ingine ya kupull down the music akaamua atumie copyright claim, and people started judging me without knowing the whole story.’’

Pritty Vishy said that the individual had previously tried a couple of methods to tarnish her name and use it to seek fame on various blogs and media outlets to no avail.

He later figured that the only way he could get to Vishy is by claiming copyright infringement.

Pritty narrated her desperate attempts to negotiate with the individual, she said she tried texting him, but he wasn’t talking back like a real man’.

'He is not talking back like a real man, like hajiexpress the way he should express himself.’’

She had to introduce her boyfriend for mediation because she felt the guy had too much bile for feeling betrayed, she noted that at the moment they were down to do anything just to have the music back.

The boyfriend asked the individual if money is what he wanted and according to Vishy he said no and was only interested in meeting Pritty Vishy in person. 

''The next day ikifika the nigga harespond, he is not doing anything, hataki tumeet, akaleta tena stress, remember my music has been pulled down and I need to put it back asap so am trying every means, like anything he says I would do. My mother also intervened and asked for the guy's number, she spoke to him and asked him what he wanted so that he could put back her daughter's project. Does he want money? He was mum sina ubaya, mum sina ubaya, so that was the response that alikuwa anapeana.’’

Vishy said the individual has been going around making videos asserting that she has to pay him for everything while in contrast he was asked if it’s money he wants a couple of times and he insisted no, Vishy the individual adds up as a person who is just down to tarnish her name and use it to chase clout

'' This just shows that this person his aim is not money his aim is just tarnishing my name, and getting away with it, so that ajulikane, huyu ndio alipull down music ya pritty, because I saw he posted something and guys were like you did a good job that girl has pride.’’

Vishy chose not to reveal his identity, understanding that he intended to seek attention and notoriety. 

''I can’t mention him because that’s what he wants, he wants attention, he wants to be known he wants to go viral, he wants to be famous…that’s why I will never mention him.’’

However this incident has not shattered her confidence as a musician, and she remains steadfast in her pursuit of success.

''This incident hasn’t and will never affect my confidence as a musician, because these things happen mimi si wa kwanza kupulliwa down music video’’

Vishy attempted to negotiate with the individual, hoping to resolve the issue and restore her music. However, he refused to engage in constructive dialogue, leaving Vishy and her team frustrated.

 She has currently given up on trying to get back the video emphasizing there is no need because time has already run out and the video won't have as much impact on her.

''Am I not following up on the video to be put back anymore, because time is not on my side anymore, kama ilikua views ipate one million times ishaenda tamaa ya watu kutaka kuona hio video ishaisha, so let him be with a project, alikuwa anaitaka, but he should not trigger me again because the move that I will pull on him he won't believe.’’

While Vishy refrains from divulging details about her upcoming projects due to the presence of adversaries, her commitment to her craft remains unwavering.

She has also equipped herself with the knowledge to tackle copyright issues for her next projects which she completely refrained from mentioning claiming her adversaries will be and are scheming on her

''For the next project I can’t tell how I have prepared myself when it comes to copyright issues because my enemies will use that against me, they will be like oh that's her next move, okay okay wacha tuplan ingine. I can’t give information about my next projects because like I have said my enemies ni wengi.’’

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