• The beauty asked him to choose between her or Pritty Vishy claiming that Stevo still has feelings for the YouTube blogger.

Stevo Simple Boy
Image: Instagram/Stevo Simple Boy

Just a few hours after the artist Stevo Simple Boy hinted at having a new girlfriend, the Kibera-born artiste appeared online indicating that there may be many men who are competing for the beauty.

On Sunday, Stevo Simple Boy uploaded a photo of the beautiful, highly charismatic beauty with multiple love emojis despite introducing another beauty named Grace as his wife at his father's funeral a few months ago.

Stevo recognized the lady by the name of Trisha Khalid with the curvy chic also responding with her own emojis.

Stevo, after feeling that there was fierce competition due to the beauty of the lady, went to his Instastories and wrote that without God he does not see himself getting success with her.

"Bila God sitasurvive," Stevo wrote. This comes hours after he participated in a live show with a new beau who wanted him to choose between her and his ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy.

In the video, Khalid felt that Stevo still has feelings for Vishy and asked him to make a decision between her or the blogger Vishy.

"Tell them if you are with me or Vishy. How can I be with you and how can we be in a relationship if she keeps commenting on your posts?" Khalid asked him.

Stevo with great poise said that at this moment he was with her and that the Vishy she was talking about is a forgotten person.

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