Njugush shares on why Tugi stopped creating content

Just like his father, Tugi began doing skits but stopped.


• Get to know why Tugi has been actively missing from the family skits.

Why Tugi has been missing from family skits
Why Tugi has been missing from family skits
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Timothy Kimani aka Njugush has an eldest child by the name Tugi who like him was into doing comedy and skits on Instagram.

Just like many say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but his absence recently has been noticed.

It first started out as his mum, asking him a question and he would respond in a comical or sarcastic way and it took to peoples liking.

They had a Youtube channel where they would post up his skits in long form but recently they have not been posting.

In an interview with Mpasho's Dennis Milimo, Njugush said the main reason they have stopped is school and covid, he says that at time when they started it was during the covid era.

At this point people were not working and not going to school so he says they took advantage of the free time they had.

And also Njugush says it is important to let the child be a kid and that since he is  in school, they cant force him to do it.

" You know he is in school we can't just tell him we toa bag tushoot but whenever we have free time as you have noticed we can shoot"

He says its important to also respect his wishes and if he wants to shoot why not we go ahead and shoot.

Unlike other projects where Njugush does this alone,  this particular channel is more of a family effort.

Most of the videos that they have featured Tugi on in Njugush TV channel, have done quite well with some getting as high as 320k views.

With Tugi the comedian side of him just comes out naturally and maybe this is one of those rare cases where the child inherits skill and talent from the father.

Most of the videos they have done were last done two years ago , but it is quite good that Njugush says he can't force him to do comedy unless he wants to.

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